Project Management and Advice
Project Description

I am seeking a person to help manage my project and provide advice on how to ensure my project is successful. Must be familiar with Python/Django, CSS Styling and HTML.

Have experience working with websites
Experience being a project manager for websites development
I need you to help me implement the redesign of my website
Help me to make site mobile friendly. Did redesign cause 30% of users who come to site are from mobile phones.
Help with terminology and speak to ensure that it done correctly
Deal with the person I hire to assist with speaking to the programmer the redesign and Mobile and Ipad friendly – I want to ensure I do this correctly. There are a few options for mobile friendly but want to ensure that people who come to my site using the mobile phone enjoy it and is easy to use.
Act as my middle person in the project listed above
Must speak and write English
Familiar with Linux
Assist me with selecting the right company to do my project
Ensure I am not paying too much for the project

Need to start project right away.

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